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New World Symphony

New World Symphony

We spent a really enjoyable evening with the New World Symphony (NWS): when we were told about the free classic music concert at New World Center Garden, we took up our blankets and we went. We arrived before the event began but the garden was already full of people: families were having picnics, young boys and girls were tasting wine, the elderly sat on their portable chairs.

The show began on time. There was a great sound system with speakers everywhere as well as the show casted on a 650 square meters wall. The orchestra is composed by New World Sympony musicians and the concert is a WALLCAST Concert by NWS, which occasionally screens musical events in its garden. For more information, you can check their online agenda for their events and tickets.

The New World Symphony is a full-time musical academy dedicated to orchestra music. Established in 1987 by Michael Tilson Thomas, a renowned orchestra leader, pianist, and composer, and by Ted Arison, founder of Carnival Cruise Lines, the NWS had its headquarters at the Lincoln Theater. The venue was moved to the New World Center in 2011.

Every year NWS welcomes 86 students with a scholarship for special musical talents: the selection is made from auditions that take place all around the United States. These students have the chance to attend this prestigious school for three years and among those selected, in addition to accommodations at a fee, have at their disposal a 756-seat concert hall, where around 60 concerts are conducted per year, 24 individual practice rooms, 4 ensemble rooms for musicians of all instruments, and 3 rooms specifically for percussionists. The New World Center is high tech with the possibilities of audio-video recording, et al.
During these three years of school, students have the chance to play together with soloists and orchestra leaders of international recognition and have the ability to travel abroad for concerts and exhibitions.
From inception until present, over 900 former students have enrolled in 160 orchestras in more than 17 countries.

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spiaggia south b

South Beach shore

January, 2017

SoBe shore (as locals call South Beach shore) is really great: almost 5 km of white sand meets turquoise water (when the sea is calm). Compared to Mediterranean standards, the beach is wide as well…

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Childrens museum1

Children Museum: no adults admitted!

November, 2014

The Miami Children’s Museum is probably the only place in the World where the entrance to adults, unaccompanied by children, is prohibited. This for obvious safety reasons (it would be an ideal destination for pedophiles…

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Miami Beach Botanic Garden

October, 2014

Tired of the noise on Ocean Drive? Too many people on Lincoln? Beaches are too crowded? Take a break at the Botanic Garden in Miami Beach. A magical place, quiet and cool. You can walk…

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Miami Vice

Happy Birthday, Miami Vice

September, 2014

Exactly 30 years ago, during September of 1984, the pilot episode of a new show that turned out to be a cult classic in every respect was broadcasted. That show was Miami Vice. Detectives Sonny…