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Miami Vice

Happy Birthday, Miami Vice

September, 2014

Exactly 30 years ago, during September of 1984, the pilot episode of a new show that turned out to be a cult classic in every respect was broadcasted. That show was Miami Vice. Detectives Sonny…

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Classic car Hollywood

Dream cars at Hollywood Classic Car Show

August, 2014

In Hollywood (37 km from Miami Beach, and half hour by car if there are no traffic jams) every first Sunday of the month, from September to June, there’s the Dream Car Classic Car Show….

Deco district0

Art Deco District: Pastels between the Sea and the Sky

June, 2014

The Miami Beach Architectural District, famously known by its pseudonym, The Art Deco District, is not so much a district as it is an area of Miami Beach that encompasses Ocean Drive, Collins Avenue, Lincoln…

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New World Symphony

New World Symphony

June, 2014

We spent a really enjoyable evening with the New World Symphony (NWS): when we were told about the free classic music concert at New World Center Garden, we took up our blankets and we went….