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What to do / When it rains
Childrens museum1

Children Museum: no adults admitted!

November, 2014

The Miami Children’s Museum is probably the only place in the World where the entrance to adults, unaccompanied by children, is prohibited. This for obvious safety reasons (it would be an ideal destination for pedophiles…

What to do / February

Miami Beach Botanic Garden

October, 2014

Tired of the noise on Ocean Drive? Too many people on Lincoln? Beaches are too crowded? Take a break at the Botanic Garden in Miami Beach. A magical place, quiet and cool. You can walk…

What to do / Sport
Flamingo park1

A Unique Afternoon at Flamingo Park

September, 2014

As a matter of fact, I like to visit in the morning, when there are less people and it’s cool (at least during this season). The Flamingo is a park established in 1950, approximately 14…

Classic car Hollywood

Dream cars at Hollywood Classic Car Show

August, 2014

In Hollywood (37 km from Miami Beach, and half hour by car if there are no traffic jams) every first Sunday of the month, from September to June, there’s the Dream Car Classic Car Show….

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