Things to know

Things to know

When arriving in a new place, there are a millions of things to know and to learn, some things being more important than others—all of them useful in easing your life just a bit.
If you happen to stop by in Miami Beach for few days and sleep in a hotel, the reception will give you all the information you will need. But, if you stay longer, let’s say in apartment, you might have to learn from your own mistakes, sometimes paying a high price. For instance, a friend of ours had his scooter taken away by the Miami Beach Police Department only because he ignored the parking rules. (Never park on the sidewalk if there is a yellow line—even if it’s a faded yellow!)

In the United States, it is better to follow the rules because it is very easy to get arrested.

In this section, you will find information and links to better understand how different things work, from transportation to parking, health care to tipping, and much more.

Things to know

Welcome to the MiamiTiamo Card

July, 2016

Here you have the instructions to use your Card in the best way. We would like to remind you that the Card is valid for one calendar year (so e.g. the whole of 2016) and…

Things to know
South point pier2ok

Miami on a Budget

September, 2014

Why should one save in Miami Beach? Because sometimes the end of a vacation is a bit like the end of the month: money is scarce, especially in this fast-paced city! So, if in the…

Things to know

“The cat is on the table”, English classes in Miami

September, 2014

If you are staying in Miami Beach for a week of vacation, you can skip this article, but if you have to spend a longer period in the city, why not take the opportunity to…

Things to know
moto parcheggio

Riding your motorbike around Miami Beach

August, 2014

Miami Beach is the ideal place to ride your motorbike or scooter. First you don’t need to wear a helmet (though that’s not a good idea) and this will make you feel 18 again (if…

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