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Miami on a Budget

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Why should one save in Miami Beach? Because sometimes the end of a vacation is a bit like the end of the month: money is scarce, especially in this fast-paced city! So, if in the last few days you have budget issues, there are many things to do without breaking your wallet. Here are some ideas for a day of fun for less than $20:

  • In the morning spend a few hours on the beach walking, sunbathing, or swimming.
  • You can have lunch at the News Cafe on Ocean Drive, where you can order a Middle Eastern Combo (a plate of excellent middle eastern mezes) for $9.75 (15 if you’re two). Or alternatively, you can order a Ceasar Salad.
  • In the afternoon, take a tour of Miami on the Metromover, a free train that runs through the center of the city on elevated tracks and stops nearby many tourist attractions.
  • At sunset you can take a yoga class on the beach on 3rd Street (by donation, $5-10 dollars is plenty) or, if you are not interested in yoga, you can enjoy the sunset from South Pointe.
  • After dinner (which we’ll leave up to you …) an open-air cinema (free every Wednesday at 8pm at the New World Center), a concert of classical music (also at the NWC) or a movie at the Cinematheque on Washington Street ($10).

Seems like a nice plan for the day, don’t you think? If you have any other suggestions, please send them to us by clicking on the envelope at the bottom of the page. Thanks!

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