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“The cat is on the table”, English classes in Miami


If you are staying in Miami Beach for a week of vacation, you can skip this article, but if you have to spend a longer period in the city, why not take the opportunity to improve your English or start to learn Spanish?

There are many private schools in Miami Beach offering great service and we will write about them in the future, but we, Gianluca and I, have chosen to enroll in the MBA: the Miami Beach Adult and Community Education Center, located at 1424 Drexel Ave, a “normal” school for children, where in the morning, afternoon and evening, are also held courses for adults, including English (3 levels) and Spanish for beginners.

I enrolled in Spanish Class, attending two evenings a week for two hours and I paid $ 75 for 3 months; Gianluca has done Intensive Advanced English (grammar 5 mornings a week for 2 hours + conversation 4 hours a week), also for three months, and has paid about $ 120.

The price is really good and also the level of teachers; then you get to meet a lot of interesting people from all over the world, you learn to dance salsa (my Spanish teacher, Alfredo, was a bit “crazy”), and, then let’s face it, going back to school makes you feel… younger. I can honestly say that the Spanish classes are one of the things that I have enjoyed most during my stay in Miami at the time, and in fact, when I plan to stay in Miami for over a month… I re-enroll in school!

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