A place, a town, is not merely an assembly of streets, houses, shops, and restaurants: a town is made of people, stories, and atmospheres.

An event, a hidden place, a scent can stay in your memory much longer than hundreds of touristic destinations and can turn your trip or stay into an unforgettable experience.

This section is dedicated to people we have met, things that have happened to us, stories that we have been told, places we have seen and experiences that we have had—anything that left an impression on us.

These pages will be the most personal and intangible of all. No pragmatic suggestions or addresses are found here—just a few hints to help get better acquainted with Miami, its inhabitants and its lifestyle a little better.

Miami Vice

Happy Birthday, Miami Vice

September, 2014

Exactly 30 years ago, during September of 1984, the pilot episode of a new show that turned out to be a cult classic in every respect was broadcasted. That show was Miami Vice. Detectives Sonny…


The annoying old lady

July, 2014

Ok, Gianluca and I are guilty of one of modern society’s most abhorred crimes: we’re smokers. We are treated like pariahs in our old Europe, so we expected to be put in a pillory in…