Where to sleep

Where to sleep

In Miami and Miami Beach, you can find any kind of overnight accommodation at any price, whether it is quiet or with loud music day and night; hotels for the VIP or for families on holiday; with great swimming pools or an Art Deco atmosphere; on the beach or between skyscrapers. The important thing here is to know where you want to stay: Miami or Miami Beach? For those who still do not know the difference, we suggest reading the section on the Districts of Miami.

The places to stay overnight in Miami and Miami Beach range from guesthouses to studios in the Art Deco District, from extra luxury hotels to flats with an amazing view of Biscayne Bay: it all depends on how much you want to pay.

We usually stay in an apartment – our hotel of preference being Jetset Franklin, highly recommended, as we have come to rely on trusted friends’ secrets. There are also some historical hotels that you cannot leave alone: we will tell you all about their atmosphere, locations, and prices. When it comes to housekeeping, we will report just what we’ve heard about. We also hope to hear from you, the reader, with opinions and suggestions on hotels in Miami and Miami Beach. Thanks in advance!

A precious piece of advice to avoid bad surprises from the get-go: short-term apartment rentals, which are apartments rented for less than six (6) months and one (1) day are, with few exceptions, illegal almost everywhere in residential South Beach, from 5th Street to 18th Street between Pennsylvania Avenue and Lenox Avenue.

It so happens that, even with the biggest rental websites, you will find these ads. In case of an inspection, the agency asks the client to say that they are friends of the owner. If it used to work until recently, it certainly does not work anymore: you can have a code compliance inspection that will put the apartment in distraint and you…on the street. Therefore, we strongly discourage you from booking blindly: ask for confirmation beforehand and request to see a copy of the Short-Term Rental Apartment License.

In an even worse case scenario: the apartment does not exist and you have already paid. As always, we recommend that you pay attention beforehand instead of playing it by ear or, even better, book only in hotels, condo/hotels or through certified agencies. It is always best to use a website with clear and certifiable contacts.

Where to sleep
Betsy Hotel hall

Betsy Hotel: a “literary” hotel in Miami Beach

aprile, 2015

The Betsy Hotel, a precious “four star boutique hotel” in South Beach, considered by CNN as one of the 14 “literary” hotel in the world (along with the Algonquin in New York and the Apostrophe…

Where to sleep
Ken Hayden Photography

The Victor Hotel, right in front of the Ocean

dicembre, 2014

Famous in the past years for the presence, in a rather dark lobby, of a huge aquarium full of jellyfish, the Victor Hotel is now newly renovated: where darkness reigned, today there are bright neutral…

Where to sleep

The Biltmore Hotel

agosto, 2014

According to legend, a very rich Spanish man built it to convince his wife to move to Florida; that’s the reason for the Spanish style and the tower that looks like the Giralda. But the…

Where to sleep

Jetset Franklin

luglio, 2014

Wonderful rooms and fantastic service! We stayed here for ten days last year and Jetset Franklin exceeded our expectations! Jetset Franklin is a small residence located in a recently restored historic apartment building with loft-style rooms…