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What to do / February

Miami Beach Botanic Garden

ottobre, 2014

Tired of the noise on Ocean Drive? Too many people on Lincoln? Beaches are too crowded? Take a break at the Botanic Garden in Miami Beach. A magical place, quiet and cool. You can walk…

What to see / Nearby

The Biltmore Hotel

agosto, 2014

According to legend, a very rich Spanish man built it to convince his wife to move to Florida; that’s the reason for the Spanish style and the tower that looks like the Giralda. But the…

What to do
Coral Castle5

The magic of Coral Castle

giugno, 2014

The things we do for love! Honestly, I have never known someone who did what Edward “Ed” Leedskalnin did: a 1,100 ton castle made of oolitic limestone. He was 26 when, the day before his…